Atheism v2.0
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Away script edition + Bonus tracks. Oh yeah... BTW... Jesus Hates You [tm]

Current release version is v2.0.6.
Released on August 25th, 2001.
Atheism v2.0 is an extremely flexible and configurable multi purpose Perl script for X-Chat.

It's main features include:
  • Advanced auto-away functions.
  • Announcement of away reason on selected channels.
  • Announcement of coming back, and of time you were gone.
  • Logging of messages addressed to you while away.
  • A function to change the nick on all servers.
  • Display of currently playing song in XMMS on selected channels.
  • Choice of extra info about song playing to display.
  • A configurable time delay before announcing songs.
  • XMMS playback control (basic remote functions + volume control).
  • All options are configurable via X-Chat commands.
  • User-Friendly interface with help.
  • Configuration is automatically saved in a file.
  • GTK+ interface for status/configuration/etc.

To run Atheism v2.0 properly you'll need the following:
  • a BSD or POSIX compliant operating system. (So far, successfully tested on Linux, which is obviously neither)
  • Perl version 5.6.0 or higher. (Already reported as NOT working with Perl 5.0)
  • X-Chat version 1.6.x or higher.
  • XMMS version 1.2.3 or higher with the xmms-devel package.
  • GLIB which is available at, or just install the glib-devel package (RPM/Deb or whatever).
  • Perl XMMS bundle which can be obtained at CPAN or installed directly via entering the following on the command line:
      perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Xmms'
  • For the GTK+ frontend you'll need a Gtk-Perl module.
    There's an RPM package available in some RPM based Linux distributions.
    Also, there's a package available from Ximian GNOME.
    If those are not relevant for your system, try entering the following on the command line:
      perl -MCPAN -e 'install Gnome'
    And if that doesn't work, just get the tar.gz from CPAN and install it manually.
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